Shits N Giggles Dodgeball + Bar Games Party League  Dodgeball

Summer 2019
Jun 25 ’19
Aug 6 ’19
Registration Dates:
May 16 ’19 – May 23 ’19 early bird
May 24 ’19 – Jun 22 ’19 regular
Dodgeball games played Tuesday nights 7:00 - 8:00pm
Team bar games start 8:30pm.
Jun 25 - Aug 6
Game dates subject to change
Minimum age:
21 years old
Age as of:
Apr 10 ’19
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun 7:40pm to 9:20pm

Want to join 2 (or more) leagues this season? Buy 1, then use code "HALVZEEZ" on your next signups this season for 50% off!......Undergrad Student? Use code "ILIVEONRAMEN" for 25% off!

Team Fees
Early Bird $810.00 per team + $4.22 Annoying bank processing fee
Regular $900.00 per team + $4.22 Annoying bank processing fee
Free Agent Fees
Early Bird $72.00 + $4.22 Annoying bank processing fee
Regular $80.00 + $4.22 Annoying bank processing fee

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Will Sell Out - Space is Limited!

  • Ya sign up, we get ya on a team, a schedule, ya come out to the bar for some organized team bar games (best of 9 flip cup, slap cup, beer pong, beer baseball, etc), play a little dodgeball ahead of time outside next to the bar, have some goofy theme parties, meet everyone, & join the community!

Sign Up Options > Early Bird Discount 10% off. Automatic during signup
> Undergrad Discount 25% off. Use code ILIVEONRAMEN during signup
> BOGO Discount 50% off. When you join 2 leagues **in the same season** your 2nd registration is half price. Buy your 1st normal, then use code HALVZEEZ during the 2nd signup

Pair or Group?
(2-5 Players)

$80 per player
*Max 3 of one gender. Max 4 returning players*
Full Team?
(9-15 players)

$900 flat fee any size!
*Min 3 women. Max 4 returners*
Don't worry - welcoming and meeting new people is what we're all about!

You can request friends here, But if ya need to be someone, choose SMALL GROUP together
So 3F?  OK!
3M 2F?  OK!
4M 1F?  Not ok.

Gotta keep gender balance!

Have more than 5?  Either find a few more to make a FULL TEAM, or break into 2 smaller SMALL GROUPS

Ex: break a group of 8 into 2 groups of 4...all in the same gym/bar anyway!
*The league may veto it if your veterans are too good!  Gotta have fair teams!

Fixed price no matter how many players on your squad

REFUND POLICY:  No refunds generally speaking.  I mean, you can't buy an ice cream and return it because you don't like it.  We've already got shirts ordered and schedules made!  That F's us up and more importantly, the season/your team up!  On top of that - we're already the cheapest league in the city, man.  We gotsta pay the bills here! If you had a poopy time or a scheduling conflict we can maybe offer you league credit to a different one of our league options next time.  I mean, we're not gonna be a dick - you get hit by a car and show up in a full body cast, yeah, we'll give you a refund, sign your cast, and send you tear stained get well cards.

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